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Switzerland, the country of Alps

Beauty brunette woman in stylish room, wearing pink costume, ballet skirt and corset

ABOUT THE CLUB: A long existing table dance club which retains its high level of popularity offers a job for dancers from European Union countries only (girls from Romania, Bulgaria, and other third countries can no longer work legally in Switzerland). The club located near the biggest and one of the most beautiful city Zurich. The club is well known all over Switzerland and is one of the most popular clubs among our dancers, tourists and locals.


WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB: dancer dances according to club’s schedule on Mondays-Thursdays performing 1-3 stage shows, on Fridays-Saturdays performing 4-6 shows. A number of performances may vary depending on the number of clients in the club. The duration of one performance is one song (getting half naked), however on weekends after the midnight the duration of one performance is 2 songs.

A dancer collects Dollar tips after the performance and they are shared with the club 50/50 (1Dollar tips/2 Chf). The dancer can select the music they want to dance to. The dancer must look attractive, dressed in beautiful and sexy dresses and charm clients with her pleasant communication. The club works: Mondays-Thursdays (21:30-04:00) and Fridays-Saturdays (21:30-06:00). The dancer works minimum 5 nights per week.


DANCER’S SALARY: the dancer receives a monthly guaranteed minimal salary of 3000 Chf (~€2750). It means that, if a dancer earns less than 3000 Chf per month, a club pays her the difference; in case she earns more than 3000 Chf per month she receives the total she earned. One table dance (one song) for a client costs 80 Chf, private dance (30min) – 400 Chf, private dance (1 hour) – 800 Chf. The dancer gets 50 % from the dances’ price. The dancer also receives 10% from drinks, if she sells drinks for less than 2000 Chf per week; if she sells drinks for more than 2000 Chf per week a club pays her 20 % from sold drinks. The price of a bottles of various champagne: Lady Drink – 25 Chf, Piccolo – 85 Chf, Moet&Chandon – 320 Chf, Don Perignon – 500 Chf, Krug – 630 Chf, Crystal – 960 Chf.

The salary for dances, from sold drinks and collected Dollar tips is paid weekly. If necessary a dancer can be provided with a credit for basic needs (clothes, personal expenses).


ACCOMMODATION: the club offers the girls free of charge fully furnished apartments with all the conveniences and free internet near the club!


CONTRACT DURATION: The duration of the first contract is 3 weeks however on dancer’s request it can be extended up to 3 months.


Visit Switzerland, the country of Alps and use the opportunities for limitless earnings!