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Best Strip-club in Copenhagen – without doubt

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ABOUT THE CLUB: A high level club which is very popular in the entire Europe invites experienced girls to work as striptease dancers. This club complies with very strict rules of recruitment, so girl can be assured that she will work in the professional and excellent team. The club is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and offers not only good working conditions, but also additional bonuses!

WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB AND DANCER’S SALARY: dancer performs 3-5 stage shows during one working evening (1 song, getting fully naked). The dancer receives a fixed salary of €70 for one working evening. For one private dance (1 song, topless) dancer gets €26, for one private dance (1 song, getting fully naked) – €40, for one VIP dance (15 min., getting fully naked) – €70, for one VIP dance (30 min., getting fully naked) – €95, for VIP dance (45 min., getting fully naked) – €135, for one VIP dance (60 min., getting fully naked) – €200. A dancer also gets 15% from sold drinks, which prices range from €270 to €3350. The salary for dances, drinks and fixed salary is paid at the end of the contract, but if a dancer requests, she can a credit. While working a dancer must look attractive and smartly, dressed in beautiful and sexy dresses, high heels, accessories; charm clients with her shows and pleasant communication. The club works: Tuesdays-Thursdays (20:00-04:00), Fridays-Saturdays (20:00-06:00). The dancer works minimum 5 nights per week.


ACCOMMODATION: the club offers to a girls fully furnished apartments with all the conveniences, domestic electric appliances and free of charge Internet for €13 per day. The rental fee is deducted from dancer’s salary at the end of the contract.


CONTRACT DURATION: The duration of the first contract is minimum one month, however on dancer’s request it can be extended.


Such great salary conditions can be found in one of the richest European countries – Denmark!