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Best Hostess club located in Switzerland | Pink Pearl
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Best Hostess club located in Switzerland


ABOUT THE CLUB: The club without competition – so called the club, located in the richest Swiss city Geneva. This club is full of clients not only on weekends, but every day, because it is the only club in the entire town. It only reduces the competition between girls working in the club and increases the possibility to earn good money. This club is well known throughout Switzerland and it distinguishes by its very luxurious style.


CLUB’S WORKING SYSTEM AND SALARY: for a pleasant and cheerful communication with the clients, creating relaxing atmosphere a fixed salary of 2200 CHF (~€2015) is paid to the image girls at the end of the contract. Also, girls are paid from the sum of drinks bought by clients. If clients buy drinks for a girl for up to 15.000 CHF, girl receives additional 3 % from that sum (~450 CHF); if a sum ranges between 15.000 and 30.000 CHF, a girl gets extra 5% from sold drinks; if a sum exceeds 30.000 CHF, a girl earns 7%. Earnings depends on the girl’s charm, work results and foreign language skills. The club works every night (Sundays -Thursdays 21:00-05:00, Fridays-Saturdays 21:00-07:00). The image girl works minimum 5 nights per week. If necessary, a credit can be given by the club for basic needs (clothes, personal expenses).


ACCOMMODATION: all girls are accommodated in the apartments in two’s or three’s. The price depends on the number of girls living in the apartments. Mostly, the price of such apartments is between 7-12 CHF. Before each contract, the price of apartments is told individually for each girl.


THE DURATION OF THE CONTRACT: the duration of the first contract is one month, with the possibility to extend it.

During long period of cooperation this club is known as truly honest club. Girls are always paid on time and all documents are prepared for the employment.

Only girls from European Union work in this club (there are no girls from Romania or Bulgaria).