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Pink Pearl is an employment agency for dancers and promotion girls, it has many years' experience and close business ties with international partners. We offer an excellent opportunity to earn considerable money by going to dance in Europe's most famous night clubs. Every job offer is carefully selected and checked, and our key partners' night clubs have been visited and evaluated by us.

Working with us is a wonderful opportunity to secure your financial future, and travel the world, meet interesting people, attend the most famous parties, and expand your horizons in a number of other ways. We work with each girl individually, offering solutions that best fit her profile – just fill in a form and you'll hear from us. We will get to know you, find out about your needs, preferences, and abilities, and offer you only those night clubs that best meet your expectations.

We do not charge any agency fee, and strictly follow the law. Every job offer is confirmed with a bilateral contract, which guarantees confidentiality, states the exact distribution of travelling expenses for girls' trips abroad, and includes free or very affordable accommodation.

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Our clubs

Club catalog

  • Dollarphotoclub_93421266cp[1]
    Best Hostess club located in Switzerland

    ABOUT THE CLUB: The club without competition – so called the club, located in the richest Swiss city Geneva. This club is full of clients not only on weekends, but every day, because it is the only club in the entire town. It only reduces the competition between girls working in the club and increases the possibility to earn good money. This club is well known throughout Switzerland and it distinguishes by its very luxurious style.


    CLUB’S WORKING SYSTEM AND SALARY: for a pleasant and cheerful communication with the clients, creating relaxing atmosphere a fixed salary of 2200

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  • Sexy women, pole dancer
    The best Belgium club in Antwerpen

    ABOUT THE CLUB: A well known night club in Belgium which is very popular and has a good reputation, always invites confident girls who loves dancing. This club complies with very strict rules with Belgium law, so legal work is always guaranteed to a dancers. The club is located in the second largest Belgium city Antwerp, which is the main business center in the country and one of the largest ports in the world and where always nightlife is in full swing.


    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB AND DANCER’S SALARY: the dancer receives a fixed daily salary of €60, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

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  • Portrait of elegant young womans with a champagne glasses at celebration
    Newest club in Luxembourg for hostess

    ABOUT THE CLUB: Luxembourg is the richest European country and the club located in the center offers a great possibility to work as topless dancer, or image girl and earn profitably. The club attract their loyal customers with great atmosphere, beautiful girls and best prices in town. In this club a great consideration is shown for club‘s clients and communication with them.


    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB AND DANCER’S SALARY: a girl who performs topless stage shows and communicates with the clients receives a fixed salary of €70 for one working evening. A girl who only communicates

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  • Happy Laughing Women Drinking Champagne and Singing Xmas Song
    Best Strip-club in Copenhagen – without doubt

    ABOUT THE CLUB: A high level club which is very popular in the entire Europe invites experienced girls to work as striptease dancers. This club complies with very strict rules of recruitment, so girl can be assured that she will work in the professional and excellent team. The club is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and offers not only good working conditions, but also additional bonuses!

    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB AND DANCER’S SALARY: dancer performs 3-5 stage shows during one working evening (1 song, getting fully naked). The dancer receives a fixed salary of

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  • young sexy pole dance woman, dark background
    One of the oldest club in Metz – France

    ABOUT THE CLUB: The night club in the city of Metz in France, famous for its exceptional beauty offers a job for TOPLESS dancers. Dancers who visit Metz never forget its exclusive buildings which remained from old times and can’t be seen anywhere else. The night club located among these magnificent buildings are always full of new customers and its geographical location is very convenient regarding transportation since Metz is very close to Luxembourg.


    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB AND DANCER’S SALARY: Topless dancers perform 5 stage shows (the duration of one performance

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  • Beauty brunette woman in stylish room, wearing pink costume, ballet skirt and corset
    Switzerland, the country of Alps

    ABOUT THE CLUB: A long existing table dance club which retains its high level of popularity offers a job for dancers from European Union countries only (girls from Romania, Bulgaria, and other third countries can no longer work legally in Switzerland). The club located near the biggest and one of the most beautiful city Zurich. The club is well known all over Switzerland and is one of the most popular clubs among our dancers, tourists and locals.


    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB: dancer dances according to club’s schedule on Mondays-Thursdays performing 1-3 stage shows, on Fridays-Saturdays

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  • Sexy brunet striptease dancer dancing lap dance.
    Club in Hamburg – Germany invites all dancers

    ABOUT THE CLUB: The club is located in Hamburg, the second largest and often called the most beautiful city of Germany. This club offers a job for striptease dancers. The club is very small, but notable for its cozy and warm atmosphere. Due to great team and excellent place to spend time this club is favorite by clients and receives only the best feed backs. Tourists visiting Hamburg never forget to visit this club again and again!


    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB AND DANCER’S SALARY: the dancer receives a fixed salary of €50 for one working evening. The price of the stage show (2 songs, getting

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  • rsz_unknown_copy_2
    The only real table dance club in Luxembourg

    ABOUT THE CLUB: Luxury and modern nightclub in the center of Luxembourg invites girls to work as striptease dancers. This club is located in a small, but the richest European country Luxembourg and is very popular among customers and dancers. This is really a high level club, which is best in Luxembourg for its elegant interior and having best and most beautiful dancers.


    WORKING SYSTEM OF THE CLUB: a non-stop stage show is applied in the club. One of the dancers must always dance on the stage when there are clients. The duration of one performance is 2 songs (1st song – with clothes, while

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